$1 Billion US Bank Stadium Still Facing Building Issues

Construction on the $1 billion, "people's stadium," has been complete for almost a year now. The Vikings have already spent one season breaking fans' hearts after starting 5-0 and plummeting to an 8-8 record. But despite the price tag, issues with the palace still persist. The stadium, coined by many as the crown jewel of NFL stadiums, is still facing some of the same issues from when it opened -- issues with exterior panels. The water leaking into the stadium was actually so significant that puddles accumulated in a women's restroom, the concourse and a storage area. Water is still getting into the building from the northwestern side of the building. The slopped exterior panels takes the brunt of the winds and apparently doesn't get enough sunlight to dry out the panels. So that means, leaking? Both of these issues seem like they would have been thought of considering the building cost, you know, a measly, $1 billion. Last fall, the stadium had high winds blowing panels of the building. In the winter, icicles had to be manually be removed so they wouldn't impale pedestrians walking below. Of course, issues can be expected with a building of this size. But again, $1 billion seems to cover a lot of potential issues, especially large ones, such as water leaking. I'm being overly critical, I understand that. But big issues like these are quite annoying, again, considering the stadium cost, $1 billion. But hey, maybe we should have spent a bit more to keep the stadium from leaking.   Photos by: Matthew Deery     

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