101 Year-Old Still Out Shoveling Snow

101 year old shoveling snow - Mann

Recently, a 101-year-old man was filmed shoveling the neighbor’s walkway after a recent snowfall. Richard Mann, of St. Paul, was filmed by 55-year-old Keven O’Bannon shoveling another neighbor’s driveway while the neighbor was out of town. In the video, which has gone viral, Mann stated that he needed the exercise and that he wasn’t going to exert himself. Mann’s work ethic stems from the fact that his father died when he was four. To help his single mom, he would do chores around the house. One of those chores included shoveling snow.
“I was the only boy, and it was an automatic thing for me to more or less do ‘a man’s job,'” Mann, who is a great-grandfather, said in an interview with WCCO TV.
Mann, who likes to golf whenever he gets the chance and swears by having bacon and eggs for breakfast everyday had this to say for what the key was to his long life:
“Clean living, and wine, women and money [laughs],” Mann said. “I’ve had quite a life.”
O’Bannon summarizes the situation the best during the video:
“This is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up, get out and get something.”
  Media courtesy of: Keven O'Bannon    

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