A 'Fargo' TV Show? You're Darn Tootin'!

fargo tv series - 2014

What's better than a movie with forced Minnesotan accents, fur-capped cops and bleak snowy landscapes? Why a TV series of course! The Coen Brothers (quite the busy-bees this past year) have taken the role of executive producers for Fargo the TV series, which is likely to have the same dark-humored dramatic tones of its nearly two-decade old predecessor (though none of the same actors). The first full-length trailer is out and hopes to excite fans of the original cult-classic along with some of us who were too young for the wood-chipper scene when it was in theaters. The ten episode mini-series is scheduled to premier on April 15th on FX. Quite a few notable names are involved on the acting side of things as well. Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad fame will join others such as Key and Peele for some of the minor roles; Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman will be getting the lion share of screen time though (I hope they can hold the accent that long). Although Bemidji, MN is going to be lending its name as the central setting of the series, according to the Bemidji Pioneer the filming will be done in Calgary, Canada (Oh Geez!). Funny how that always happens.   Photo via: Fargo FX  

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