A Glimpse of the Twin Cities -- Sunfish Lake and Indian Mounds Park

Indian Mounds Park - Eagles - Beautiful Setting - Photography - Bob Roth Today we have three excellent photo submissions -- these photos showcase the gorgeous snow-laden landscapes of Minnesota as well as some animals enjoying the chilly environment. The photo above and the photo below were submitted by Bob Roth, an excellent local photographer who loves to photograph the outdoors. Both photos were taken at Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul -- the above photo was taken on December 2, and the photo below was taken on December 12. Another excellent picture of an eagle looking stoic in a tree -- it's no wonder why these animals are a national icon. Eagles - Indian Mounds Park - Bob Roth Our last submission is from Michelle Straley. She snapped a picture of her six year-old dog Oliver "frolicking in the snow" at Sunfish Lake. Oliver sure doesn't seem to mind all the snow, and how can you in a setting this picturesque. Sunfish Lake - Winter - 2013 - Dogs - Michelle Straley If you have any photos from around the Twin Cities you'd like to showcase, please, don't hesitate to send them to Matthew Deery ([email protected]). Photos via: Bob Roth and Michelle Straley FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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