A Mixology Masterpiece -- 'Bradstreet Crafthouse' Restaurant Review

bradstreet crafthouse - restaurant review

On the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, a friend and I were looking to get together for a quiet dinner. We wanted to find a restaurant that didn’t include the festive partygoers of the upcoming holiday but wanted to meet in an area that accommodated to both of us. We settled on Bradstreet Crafthouse. Located on the first floor of the Graves 601 Hotel, in downtown Minneapolis, it is the perfect restaurant for its location. It sits directly across the street from the Target Center and in between other downtown bars as well. Also, it is a breath of fresh air in its unique menu and drink selection. With its pre-prohibition-style theme, waiters in suspenders with their hair slicked back, it can be classified as a trendy, yet classy, establishment.

The only knowledge I had walking into Bradstreet Crafthouse was that the restaurant specialized in their own mixology cocktails. I noticed the dimly lit, intimate setting of the bar. If it were more busy, it could be a space for a more upbeat nightspot on a Saturday night. Bradstreet Crafthouse features four unique seating areas. The Chef’s Counter is where a person can get a more up close and personal experience as the chef prepares the meal. The Parlour Room, which is the most intimate and inviting, contains plush couches and low-leveled tables to reflect the prohibition-era speakeasy. It also includes its own private bar. This is the area that my friend and I dined in.

After a brief glance of the menu, the waiter greeted us. Jake (with a mustache,) introduced himself with poise and was very knowledgeable with the dozens of questions my friend and I threw at him. He was honest with the food menu when we had questions such as the most popular dishes or items that didn’t sell well. When it came to drinks, it was a little difficult to choose since there was such an array of choices. Grouped by the type of alcohol, Jake (with a mustache), recommended drinks just by us telling him what type of drink we desired.

bradstreet crafthouse - restaurant review - mixology

My friend and I were both very satisfied with the two drinks we had. My favorite was a twist on a classic martini. Instead of gin and olives, Bradstreet does it a little differently. Most drinks are finished off with a type of bitter and in this case, it was an orange bitter.

Instead of the more harsh taste of a classic martini, the orange bitter was much more interesting with its tangy taste. The other cocktail I tried was the “Whisky Smash,” which included an aged charcoal whiskey, berries and grapefruit juice. I don’t normally like whiskey, but it was a great drink with just the right amount of alcohol and punch from the juice. Besides the drinks on the menu, they also whip up concoctions based on preferences of the customer. Coming soon, Bradstreet Crafthouse will offer aged tequila as well.

bradstreet crafthouse - restaurant review - 2014

Next, was dinner. Personally, I enjoyed this part most. They had a great selection of “sandwiches” and “not sandwiches,” as the menu read. My friend and I picked out three items to share. The Lamb Sliders which included Tzatziki cucumber, lettuce and tomato. It is a dish that can be shared for a quick bite to eat or a solo dish to fill up on as well. It was a very good, simple meal. The lamb was succulent and included just the right amount of spice.

We also tried a dish called “The Elvis.” This was a different plate compared to the rest because of its unique ingredients. It included: seared pork belly, honey peanut butter, bru^le´ed banana, and to top it off, a French toast baguette. Maybe I am just picky, but it just didn’t quite satisfy my taste buds. For what it is worth, my friend liked it. Our third choice was the Bradstreet Mac & Cheese. It included lobster, noodles and truffle. This was by far my favorite. The lobster portion was just the right amount and the creaminess of the the macaroni was delectable.

bradstreet crafthouse - restaurant review - mac and cheese

Overall, Bradstreet Crafthouse has so many delicious menu options worth tasting. With its trendy decor and unique cocktails and dishes, it is a great pick for an intimate dinner with friends or someone special. It is also a great dinner before a night out of the town. Even just a quick drink after work will have you wanting to come back again for more.

Photos by: Kendra Ackerman


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