A Video Profiling the Teardown of the Metrodome and Construction of Stadium 2.0

Metrodome Demolition - Deconstruction - Dome Deflate - 2014 - New Stadium

With the Metrodome already well underway in its deconstruction, and the trademark opaque dome set to deflate this Saturday, January 18, many like myself have begun to wonder just how the new stadium will be erected on the same plot of land. The video below shows just how the Morton Construction-led project will go, starting with the demolition of the east side of the Metrodome and soon after the simultaneous construction of the new facility. Check it out. I have to say, this plan is quite impressive -- the minds behind this project are clearly smarter than I am and very good at what they do. It will be a blast to see this project unfold, out with the old, and in with the new. If you want to see the step-by-step progress of this project, the Vikings already have a live webcam set up so you can watch the whole thing. Tune in Saturday for the dome deflation. We're only two "short" years away from a brand new facility for the Vikings -- and the Superbowl announcement for 2018 host city is just down the road in the springtime, with the then newly construction stadium in Minneapolis on the short list. Image and video via: www.MinnesotaVikings.com FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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