All Fore Minneapolis – 'Walker on the Green' -- A Very Unique Mini Golf Course

Walker on the Green - 2013 - Summer Minneapolis is host to various entertaining events and activities during the hot summer months. Not to be left out, the Walker Art Center’s Sculpture Garden adding mini golf to the list. “Walker on the Green” is available until September 8 and is a perfect choice for golf enthusiasts, art lovers, families, and the like. A wide array of people from different personal and professional backgrounds submitted design proposals for the course, and from that pool 16 holes were selected. These 16 were divided into two aesthetically pleasing courses, each featuring eight holes to test your skills. If all that golfing has you famished, grab a hot dog and a beer from the Dog House food trailer right around the corner. I found myself at the Sculpture Garden over Memorial Day weekend and completed one of the courses with a friend. Of the two courses, one requires more hands-on participation from the golfer -- this is the one we chose. Both of us had a lot of fun and loved the creativity each hole presented. From large-scale foosball to becoming a life-size obstacle for your opponents, “Walker on the Green” offered many opportunities to immerse yourself in the game. No two holes were the same, and they all managed to test a different part of your brain. There was a large crowd and a waiting list when we first arrived, but the event appeared well-organized and we maintained a steady pace. If mini golf isn’t your thing, I’d still recommend you go just for the chance to do and see something different in town. What are you waiting for, Minneapolis? Get putting! For more information, visit:

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