'Andrew Macke Foundation' Hosting Event to Support Mounting Medical Costs

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This Saturday at Hope Church in Oakdale, the Drew Macke Foundation will be hosting a fundraiser for Andrew (or Drew as he is called) Macke and his family. Macke was born with Vater Association, a rare medical condition meaning he has been stricken with numerous medical issues that have required 57 surgeries in his short 14 year life. Yes, 57 surgeries -- this young warrior has endured over four surgeries a year since he was born. He recently just had major surgery in the middle of March and is set for another substantial surgery in 2014.  As you can assume, with those type of medical needs, the cost is not cheap. The event on Saturday is meant to raise money for the Macke family to battle the costs (and raise awareness for the condition) for the necessary medical attention to get Drew healthy so he can worry about the normal things teens fret about, like spring baseball, schoolwork, girls, and hanging out with friends. And if you thought this was going to be some church potluck fundraiser, boy were you wrong. The biggest giveaway at the event? How about a brand new, 2014 Chevy Equinox. Not to mention the other 500+ silent auction items up for bidding, like signed sports memorabilia, snowboards, vacation packages, gift certificates to businesses all around the Metro, gift baskets, and so much more. The full list can be found here. On top of the silent auction, there will be tacos to eat and plenty of fun activities. The activities include: face painting, a “selfie station” which is connected to Instagram (kids love Instagram these days) and a slow-motion booth.

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Clearly the Macke family has a lot of community support rallying around them to help make this benefit a smashing success. And this is to be expected because the Mackes, especially Drew, are amazing people. I used to attend Hope Church with the Mackes and have known Drew since he was very little -- he and I used to play games in the church gym and I always had such a blast running around with him. Seeing Drew, you would never anticipate him going through so much. His upbeat and energetic attitude has impacted so many around him in a positive way -- his outlook on his treatments and life in general are a huge reason why so many are rallying to help. One of the sayings you can see on his shirt above epitomizes Drew -- "Pain. Never heard of it." If you want to show your support for the Mackes, find your way to Oakdale on Saturday. The event starts 3 pm and runs until 7 pm -- it costs $10 to get in (free for kids under 5) and as you know, that money is going to a great cause.  The event organizers hope to raise $100,000 -- all benefits will go to the Drew Macke Foundation. You can find Drew's Caring Bridge site here -- for more information on the event, visit the Drew Macke Foundation website.   Photos via: Drew Macke Foundation FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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