Being 'Just Friends' Isn't Always a Bad Thing

friend zone There are worse feelings than finding out that special someone doesn't share the same romantic feelings for you, but it's still not a great feeling. And having it happen to you multiple times can hurt your confidence as well, but it's not the end of the world. This revelation could lead you to either sever ties with this person or begin a very meaningful friendship. The meaningful friendship route is referred to as the "friend zone," a term that has generated a ton of negativity in American culture. The truth is that this sort of friendship can actually turn into something very positive. It can be positive, because you've reached a certain level of friendship where there's a good chance you'll be able to tell each other practically anything, and somewhere in that pile of everything is the invaluable knowledge of how both genders operate. friend zone For men, finding out how women think is like hitting the jackpot. It won't be given to us on a silver platter, but we'll definitely find out crucial details by asking questions and listening when she talks about the guys she's dating. Most often, if you're willing to listen, then she will talk. After enough time, and it could take a little time depending on how close you two are to begin with, she'll tell you everything, from what certain subtle flirtatious signals may mean to what her monthly cycle can do to a woman. For women, there's a good chance that relying on good male friends for insight is obvious, but it still deserves mentioning. Men are complex beings as well, but it may just take a certain amount of digging to find the details. So if you're a dating a man and are having trouble talking to him, you can always ask your male friends advice on how to get him to open up (the answer may or may not include alcohol). Throughout all this make sure you are genuine. For some it may be hard to take this route, and if you can't that's fine. Just remember that even though they don't like you in the way you like them, that doesn't mean they don't care about you. People connect with each other on different levels and you can't force a certain kind of connection if it isn't there. Will it take time? Yes. But once you find that person, you'll know why no one else ever clicked with you before.   Photos via: Google  

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