Black Bear Wanders into Southern Suburb


A wandering black bear decided to spend its Memorial Day weekend vacationing in the streets of the southern suburb Savage, disrupting holiday campers, slowing traffic and scaring elementary school children. The bear was most recently spotted on Thursday afternoon near a Kwik Trip on Highway 42 and Vernon Avenue, about a mile away from Harriet Bishop Elementary School. The students were led inside and parents were asked to pick up children who regularly bike or walk home. The bear has been seen multiple times in Savage since its first appearance on May 23. On that Friday night, the bear was shot and wounded by officers at the Town and Country Campground.Police shot the animal because it was close enough to the large amount of campers to pose a threat. Despite the wound, the bear has still evaded capture, retreating into the woods around the city after its appearances. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has been called in and was near the area for the most recent sighting. Savage Police Chief Rodney Seurer told the Star Tribune Friday that he still considered the bear to be a danger to the public.
“He’s looking for food, and he’s looking to mark his territory. We’re definitely still concerned.”
The bear is male, between 150 and 200 pounds and about 18 months old. The animal has not approached anyone or caused any injuries.   Photo via: Pixabay  

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