Blake Shelton Keeps It Country With New Single “Neon Light”

shelton - neon lights

Blake Shelton is back with the first single off his upcoming album, Bringing Back The Sunshine, which is due out September 30. The song is “Neon Light” and if you’ve enjoyed the kind of music he’s put out so far, then the chances are pretty good that you’ll be turning this one up as well. While the song’s drum beat seems to be influenced by hip-hop, no one is going to mistake this for anything other than a country song. Actually, it’s probably one of the more traditional-leaning country songs that have come out so far this year, but that shouldn’t surprise Shelton’s fans at all. Despite his raised public profile thanks to his time on NBC's The Voice, he’s managed to keep his music sounding as country as it was before his rise as a celebrity --  but the songs now are a lot better. The song in question deals with another pretty cliché topic in country music: the aftermath of a breakup. But while most of those songs can go the ballad route or the let’s-have-a-big-party route, this one stays in the middle. In the song, the ray of light he’s referring to the sign down at the local bar, referring to the many distractions inside that could help him get over the girl in question. The lyrics seem to be suited to Shelton’s personality as well with lines like, "I take a shot of I don’t care what you doing now. Chase that one with a cold screw you." So is this a fantastic song? No -- and there’s probably stronger songs on the album. But the song has a couple factors going for it right now. First off, the chorus is sing-a-long ready and is definitely something that fans are going to catch on to very quickly. Second off, it’s Blake Shelton letting his traditional country influences show without hesitation. In the end, “Neon Light” is the kind of song country fans are looking for when they need to be reassured that the traditional sound hasn’t been forgotten. Blake Shelton is making sure of it.   Image via: YouTube  

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