'Brew at the Zoo' Set to Return in August

[caption id="attachment_273389" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Upside Down Wolverine Josh More This wolverine had a few too many.[/caption] The consequences of a bunch of swivel-stepping beer nerds holding an after-hours drink-a-thon hasn't dissuaded the Minnesota Zoo; in fact, the Apple Valley landmark is inviting them back. A spike in ape-on-ape stare downs, roaring contests and unnecessary hazings of the zoo's metaphorically (and sometimes literally) flat-footed residents is on its way this August. Beer and animals, it rarely gets this good! Perhaps I exaggerate. Inebriated connoisseurs of craft beer don't usually act more childish than, for example, kids and many of the exhibits will (likely) be inaccessible for those partaking. Yet with the Grizzly Coast exhibit open for the first hour of the event, there's still some potential for fun (please refrain from taunting the bears with the complimentary appetizers, the glass is not that thick). The proceeds from ticket sales will also go to a good cause; they will support the zoo's conservation funds, which include important tiger anti-poaching efforts. [caption id="attachment_273390" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Grizzly Bears at Minnesota Zoo Josh More Although this looks fun, beer is the better way to cool off.[/caption]
When: August 8th (2014), from 7 pm to 10 pm (Russia's Grizzly Coast closes at 8 pm and complimentary appetizers stop being served at 8:30 pm) Where: The Minnesota Zoo! (13000 Zoo Blvd Apple Valley, MN 55124) Price: $50 per person (with advanced tickets, bought here), $55 per person at the door (day of, if available), $35 for designated drivers Tickets include: Beer tasting (probably a couple dozen breweries, going by last years standards), complimentary appetizers, a souvenir glass (beer goes in this), Hitchville and as many selfies with confused animals in the background that you can manage. Other rules: No smoking in the zoo; all attendees must show photo ID and be 21 years or older (no children or infants).   Photos by: Josh More  

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