Bus Driver Goes Out of His Way and Saves a Woman's Life

Darnell Barton - NY Bus Driver - Hero The Internet circulates feel-good stories on a regular basis -- usually it involves a story of heroics or selflessness, and this story is no different. In Buffalo, New York, a local bus driver, Darnell Barton, saw a woman in despair, ready to take her life by jumping off an overpass on the freeway, and he quickly acted to save her life. The video is truly remarkable. Watch this. Every 40 seconds in this world, someone takes their own life. Barton was the right person to pass this distraught woman ready to die -- he wasn't just someone who would pass by without helping. Barton even says, "It was meant to be." Heroic acts like this deserve this type of attention from the media. This isn't just another story of suicide, but one of a man who did more than was required of him. He could have simply reported the woman to the authorities -- but Barton went out of his way to help someone out in need, escorting her off the ledge, and he saved a life. Not only that, but my favorite piece of the video is when Barton sits on the ground with her, taking his time to really make sure she was taken care of. I take my hat off to you Mr. Barton, you truly are a hero in my book. Photo via: Google FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY  

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