Butt Dial Thwarts Maplewood Burglary

Wiess-Evans-Burglary Two men seeking to rob a car repair shop were arrested on the spot when they managed to call 911 without knowing it. Todd J. Weiss (32, Minnetonka) and Justin G. Evans (38, Savage) were planning out a robbery when one of them managed to activate a feature on his phone which dialed 911. Twice. The police dispatcher recounts that the first call hung up almost immediately, but the second call stayed on the line, allowing the dispatch to here such tidbits as: "If it goes off, they are right across the street." Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell says it was, "pretty clear based on some of that conversation that this was a burglary." The dispatcher was able to see the location of the call, and police arrived on the scene. They found the two men dressed in dark clothing and exiting the building with a television and a box. The two attempted to flee, but were captured by the officers and their dogs. Weiss refused to speak to the police after his rights were read -- Evans admitted to being high on Xanax. Evans later denied being in the building, saying he was spending some 'intimate' time with his girlfriend (nice try). Both men have records of burglary and theft in Minnesota.   Photo via: Ramsey County Police  

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