'Cahoots Coffee Bar' in Merriam Park Should Be Your Next Stop for Coffee

Cahoots Coffee Bar - Merriam Park St. Paul I had moved to the Merriam Park neighborhood for a year to live near the University of St. Thomas campus. My roommate and I frequently attended the Starbucks on the corner of Selby and Snelling, but little did I know that just across the street and a few doors down was one Saint Paul's local gem coffee shops: Cahoots Coffee Bar. Cahoots has a Middle Eastern vibe to its decor. Large textiles drape the walls, various pictures knickknacks and mosaics about the room, plants, spices, and architectural designs all help give its Moroccan feel.

Charlie Awards - Cahoots Coffee Bar

I've never had to worry about finding or waiting for a table at Cahoots. The spacious proximity offers bar spots, large tables, and most importantly a back patio that offers you sunshine, greenery, and the chirps nature provides to complete this serene escape while you sip on your coffee or tea. So the atmosphere is one thing, but what about the coffee, tea, and food? An array of brews that come from all over the map are available at Cahoots. Moroccan, Mexican, American, multiple choices, many flavors. Available to eat is hummus, soups, salads, and homemade desserts. And not only do they taste delicious, but they look delicious.

Cahoots Coffee Bar - 2014

Another reason I'd recommend Cahoots is the staff. Friendly service is always found at Cahoots. Although they might not write your name on your cup like some chain coffee shops, there is a welcomeness by their presence that isn't forced or given by corporate regulations. Cahoots Coffee Bar is the kind of place you want to sit down and enjoy your hand-crafted drink. So find a friend to relax and chat with over a cup, or pick up that book you've been meaning to read. To find out more about Cahoots Coffee Bar, visit their Facebook Page.   Photos via: Cahoots Coffee Bar    

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