Understanding Quantitative Easing and the Risks to Our Economy

Quantitative Easing - Breakdown

The bursting of the housing bubble in 2007 and the proceeding financial crisis drove the US economy into the worst downturn since the Great Depression. The Great Recession, which lasted from December 2007 through June 2009 (this's what the National Bureau of Economic Research tells us, anyway), brought on the creation of new and unprecedented monetary policies by the American central banking overlord, the Federal Reserve. The most scrutinized of these new programs is the Fed’s asset purchasing program known as “Quantitative Easing” or simply, QE. Well, what...

Understanding the Declaration of Independence and Need to Celebrate American Independence

Declaration of Independence

Independence Day is a day of tradition for most Americans -- spending time with family, soaking in the sun, enjoying a cold beverage (or a few), swimming, boating, and watching fireworks, it's a day of overall fun and relaxation. Lost in the fray of the customary 4th of July festivities is something of great importance and reverence, the Declaration of Independence. With the United States of America’s 237th birthday fresh in the mind of Americans, it...