Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone Square Off in Lip Sync Contest

Emma Stone - Jimmy Fallon - Lip Sync

The video posted below is without a doubt one of the greatest to ever populate the Internet -- a little hyperbolic? Probably, but yes, it's that good. To be clear, I am more than a bit bias -- I love Emma Stone. Not only is she one of the better actresses in Hollywood today, and gorgeous, but she has that type of spunky personality that appears both on screen and in real life (<-- this link is legendary). Even outside her best movies (...

How 'Frozen' Should Have Ended

How Frozen should have ended

I know this post will find a lot of folks considering everyone with children has seen Frozen at least ten times. Even those who don't have children like myself have seen Frozen more than once. Because of the catchy songs, that won't leave my head for days and days I might add ("Let it Go"), Frozen has become part of the cultural fabric -- this of course warrants parody videos online, which the YouTube Channel How It Should...

Cat Makes Mail Delivery a Challenge

Cat is a Jerk to the mailman

On today's Internet, you can't browse very long without coming across a picture or a video of a cat -- cats rule the Internet. Today, I am going to further that conception by posting a video, of a cat, being a jerk. Also, if you didn't know, cats are jerks. Thankfully, this cat was a jerk, and it's really funny -- even the mail carrier has a good laugh at the challenge of having to deliver mail with this cat on the prowl. Enjoy.   Photo via: Google ...