Chelsea Handler's 'Uganda Be Kidding Me' Live Tour Review

chelsea handler tour

Chelsea Handler graced the Target Center’s stage on Sunday night for her Uganda Be Kidding Me tour. Known for her awkward celebrity interviews and love of anything vodka, the Target Center show was, well, exactly what I expected: bathroom humor, awkward silences, degrading jokes about friends and family, and tales of drunken debauchery. This humor kept the crowd laughing and thanking their lucky stars they aren’t friends with her. Nothing is too holy to Ms. Handler, even her own bodily functions. Sharing stories and personal photos from her misadventures, Chelsea gave the crowd a glimpse into her irreverent and over-the-top lifestyle, complete with an African safari with questionable romantic endeavors. Parts of her show were quite funny, such as the inappropriate picture she put up of her “father,” which I imagine was the result of a Google search for “old men in compromising positions”. Other parts of the performance fell flat, leaving me bored and dreaming of leaving early. A couple of her jokes ran a few punch lines too long and the material didn’t feel entirely new. If you are familiar with her books, many of her stories run the same sequence: get drunk, do stupid things, witness friends doing stupid things, tell story in book -- or, in this case, on the stage. Her humor is somewhat predictable, but still provokes a belly laugh now and again. I felt about her live performance how I feel about her TV show -- if I’m bored and have nothing else to do it is quite entertaining, otherwise I’ll skip it. Next time she comes into town I might do just that.   Photo via: Google      

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