Confused About the Southwest Light-Rail? 'Choo Choo Bob' to the Rescue!

Choo Choo Bob and Friends (Southwest Light Rail Explained) Choo Choo Bob might have his foundations on the St. Paul side of things, but he certainly knows how to explain a Minneapolis problem. I couldn't fully understand all the proposals regarding the Southwest Light-Rail project until I reviewed a stack of maps, charts, graphs and local complaints; but for anyone looking to learn about the issue at this late juncture, it's extremely easy thanks to our train-fanatic friend across the river! Here is the informative video (made by Choo Choo Bob and MPR News) that covers just about every turn (literal and figurative) in the narrative: I was hoping for a vocal St. Louis Park resident or two, but I suppose that might have made it a little less kid-friendly. The bikers were quite realistic though! As for my two cents on the light-rail, I still wish the 3C alignment, that Cam Winton (mayoral candidate) was advocating for, would have gotten more consideration. This would have had the light-rail come down the more spacious Midtown Greenway and Nicollet Avenue; it would have brought the trains more to the heart of Uptown (hitting Eat Street, Lyn-Lake and Calhoun Square head on). Mainly because it would have gotten to the people that actually use mass transit, not the backyards of a bunch of rich people. The added expenses described in the video weren't factored in when they chose the Kenilworth Corridor in the first place! Frustrating, but I still hope to ride it some day (probably not before 2019 though).   Photo and video via:

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