Cottage Grove Needs Online Votes to Win Funds For a Dream Bike Park

Cottage_Grove_Bike_Park Bell Bicycle Helmets has decided to put forward $33,000 to construct a bike park in the Central Region of the US. But the thing is, there are four proposed 'dream trails' they could construct, but only one winner -- one of the finalists is Cottage Grove! So who will decide which one gets built? You will, with your online votes. Logging on to will bring you to a polling place -- voting literally takes less than a minute. When I voted earlier today, Cottage Grove was winning by a small margin. Cast your vote to get this dream trail built in Cottage Grove -- or you can do it because a lot of local folks are creating plenty of reason to cast a ballot by incentivizing voters with crazy things like "shotgunning" a Monster Energy Drink or doing the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Challenge.
  These two from the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission will throw a pie in the face of the other if the votes reach 8,000. Outside of these locals trying to stir up votes, it's obviously a good idea to vote regardless. Why not get donated money to build something that strongly benefits the community? If you want to vote, find that link above and do your part. Let's get a bike park built, a Blazin' Wing challenge initiated, and pies in the faces for those anchors. You can vote until May 4th, winners are announced on May 5th.   Photo via:

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