Dangerous Designer Drug Kills Two Young Mankato Residents

Dangerous Designer Drug Kills Two Young Mankato Residents Two deaths this month in Mankato have been linked to a deadly designer drug delivered in a little blue baggie. The first death occurred on March 5 --  police and paramedics were called to an address on Glenwood Avenue where a 22-year-old male stopped breathing. He was rushed away from the scene by an ambulance and pronounced dead at the hospital. Three days later on March 8, police were called to another similar incident -- this time a 17-year-old girl was having a seizure. She was taken to a local hospital by ambulance and later transferred to a Twin Cities hospital where she also died. The victims' identities are yet to be released. The link between the two Mankato deaths is whatever was in a little blue baggie with a repeating pattern of gold crowns. The baggie was recovered at both scenes where the victims were found. Investigators suspect it to be a synthetic version of LSD or a synthetic cocaine commonly referred to as "2-C." It could possibly be a pill or powder form. white_powder-2c Mankato Police are asking anyone who possesses this packaging to instantly call 911 -- prosecution will not come to those who contact police -- authorities are simply looking to speak with those with the dangerous substance. The statement included: "You could save a life." Anyone skeptical to contact the police can leave the substance or packaging in a drop box at Blue Earth County Justice, 401 Carver Road, Mankato. Police are also warning anyone with the substance "not to consume it, and do not sell it or provide it to anyone." Police also stated homicide charges will be handed down to those responsible for giving it to another person with death as a result. With spring around the corner in Minnesota there are many reasons to celebrate. However, it is important to know what you are putting in your body and the damage it could do to you. What might have just been a night of "fun" for these two persons in Mankato ended up taking their lives. We can't get back the lives of these two individuals but we can prevent more by taking precautions, and making wiser decisions about who we trust and what we consume. EDITOR'S UPDATE: Four were arrested in connection with these deaths.   Photos via: Mankato Police and Google  

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