David Letterman's 'Top Ten Least Successful Minnesota Businesses'

Lettermen Top Ten Unsuccessful Minnesota Businesses

David Letterman has been very well known for his Top Ten lists on his Late Night television show. Many of us remember Letterman filling his auditorium with Minnesota residents and watching Kirby Puckett recite a list of Top Ten Ways to Mispronounce the Name Kirby Puckett. On Monday evening at a Minnesota Business Partnership dinner, Letterman appeared via a video feed -- he joked with the audience and debuted his Top Ten Least Successful Minnesota Businesses. Al Franken asked Letterman to appear partly in response to a Top Ten list, composed by Minnesota legislative leaders, of  "highlights" from the recently completed session. The famed late night host joked with the group about stealing the classic Late Night segment, "That was funny. What would be funny is if I don’t sue you thieving bastards.” Letterman went on to recite his own Top Ten list, definitely not short of a few laughs. 10. 2M 9. Ventura’s Secret 8. Whore-mel 7. Land-O-Lactose 6. The law firm of Olson, Carlson, Gustafson, Jensen, Peterson, Petersen, Pederson and Schwartz. 5. Strip Mall of America 4. Buffalo Mild-Mannered Wings 3. Second Best Buy 2. Prince’s Awkwardly Shaped Guitar Center 1. (Minnesota Business Partnership executive director) Charlie Weaver’s House of Toast   Images via: Google FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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