'Delta Rae' Rocks the Varsity Theater

MC-Varsity Theatre

Delta Rae played the Varsity Theater on Thursday evening to a sold-out crowd. Originally from North Carolina, this six-person group formed in 2009. It was made up of three siblings and a female vocalist before adding a percussionist and guitarist to round out the instrumental needs of the group. Most known for their song “If I Loved You,” featuring guitarist Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac, Delta Rae has been gaining mainstream notoriety and fame in rock and folk circles. Joshua James, hailing from Utah, opened for the band. He played a soulful set and prepared the crowd for an energetic and intense performance.

MC-Joshua James1

Then, Delta Rae came on, playing an hour and a half set full of songs from their two albums -- there were also a handful of new songs they are working on for their new album to be released sometime this year. The band personally thanked members at Cities 97 radio who have helped to propel their career forward in the last year. The band has maintained a close relationship to the Minnesota radio station that is known for supporting indie performers. It was a powerful and energetic performance, and it was evident they are passionate about making music and sharing their art. Their songs seem more like stories of love, loss, and Southern folklore which is evident in both their lyrics and instrumental melodies. All of the band members play instruments and part of their talent is turning everyday objects (i.e. chains) into powerful musical instruments. Their energy was contagious and the crowd was dancing and singing along the entire performance.

MC-Delta Rae

The Varsity Theater was the perfect venue for the performance, mixing glam and industrial elements befitting the indie rock performance. This band is at the initial stages of what I imagine will be a long and successful career. Their stage presence is dynamic, their songs are meaningful, and their love of music is evident in all they do.   I encourage you to check out their website and see if you can attend a performance. This is my second time seeing them -- both tickets were worth every penny.   Photos by: Kelsey Campion  

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