The DNR Presents 'Take a Kid Fishing Weekend' -- June 6-8


Have plans a couple weeks from now? -- hopefully not, because June 6-8 is Take a Kid Fishing Weekend. Do you remember the first time you ever casted a fishing line? Or how excited you were when you got that first tug? These special moments for Minnesotans usually start when we're children, and now it's your turn to return the favor. The DNR will be lifting fishing licenses that week for all adult fishers (that are 16 years and up) if he or she brings a child along (15 years or younger). So maybe it's been awhile since you've taken out your pole,  or you don't want to commit to buying a license due to your busy schedule this summer. At least you have one weekend available where you can get away with it! take your kid fishing weekend - minnesota - 2014 So much time now-a-days is spent with electronics. Nows your chance to show a kid how to have fun without technology. No one frames photos of their kids playing on a smart phone. This is a great chance to show kids the Minnesota way to have fun -- show them how to fall in love with our blue lakes and fresh fish. Grab your child, cousin, or kid you babysit (and some life jackets if on a boat) and show them all what we wait for all winter long!   Images via: DNR -- Wikipedia    

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