Dogs Shaking in Slow Motion Equals Awesome

Shake video - pit bulls

This video has made its rounds on the Internet the past few days, and I of course could not stop myself from sharing. Even though I love this video of dogs shaking off, I surely hate it when my dog shakes off like this after getting out of the bathtub. He does it to get back at me for administering the bath. Anyway, this video you can pleasantly watch from the safety of your computer or phone, no need to worry about getting wet. It's kind of gross watching the floppy mouths and tongues of dogs in slow motion -- their spit goes everywhere, something I never consider when my dog is fighting back against me. However, this video also features a set of the cutest pit bull puppies I've ever seen -- I want six just like that. You could say I'm a bit obsessed with pit bulls. Photo and video via: Carli Davidson and Variable FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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