'Emblem3' @ The Skyway Theatre

Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-16 The guys of Emblem3 stopped by the Skyway Theatre last week and treated a mostly young female crowd to a fun and energetic show. Often playing guitar themselves, singing, or skating on the quarter pipe on stage, the guys if nothing else, looked like they were really having a good time. Playing against a stage that was set to look like a Californian beach garage pad, complete with a couch, fridge, a lamp, and a giant E3 made of Christmas lights, the only thing missing was a game console. Even between the incredibly loud screams you could see a parent or two enjoying themselves. Minnesota Connected got exclusive access to take some great shots from the photo pit. We hope you enjoy the pictures, they'll give you a great illustration of what the show was like -- instead of a lengthy write-up, I'll let the photos do the talking. Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-1 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-2 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-9 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-8 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-7 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-6 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-5 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-4 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-3 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-10 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-11 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-12 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-13 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-14 Emblem3-Skyway-Theatre-Minneapolis-2014-15   Photos by: PJ Mudd   FOLLOW-PJ-MUDD

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