Even Dogs Love 'Frozen' Songs

dog sings to Frozen If you have a child, or know any children, undoubtedly you have heard a Frozen song or two sang from time to time. "Let It Go" is one song that has captured the hearts of the youngest generation -- kids are obsessed with the music and all that is Frozen. Well, as it turns out, even some dogs love Frozen. Check out the video below. As you can see, this dog, Oakley is his name, wakes up from his nap to sing along with "Let It Go." He also goes right back to napping when the song is turned off, which is hilarious. (Especially because that "Boom Clap" song playing before and after "Let It Go" is god-awful -- I'm sorry if you like it, but it's awful.) Clearly this dog cannot get enough of Anna and Elsa -- he must have young children in his family who have this movie on repeat.   Image via: YouTube    

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