A Firefighters Dream -- 'Firehouse Grille' Restaurant Review

firehouse grille - elko The instant you walk through the doors of Firehouse Grille in Elko, MN you are greeted with dim lighting and friendly staff ready to guide you to a table or one of the cut-out booths against the back wall. Fireman jackets, hoses, helmets, and model fire trucks decorate the dark walls, as well as a large lit logo with fire and axes announcing Firehouse Grille. These decorations give the restaurant a unique look and cause it to live up to its name. A bar sits below a television bank in the center of the restaurant, making it easy to grab a drink right away if you so choose. The television bank allows for T.V. visibility no matter where you are seated, and typical for a bar and grille restaurant, sports litter the screens. The radio plays popular music, providing some entertainment for those who don’t follow sports. There are also party rooms and outdoor dining areas available, to suite every possible group of people. Firehouse Grille Decorations Upon being seated, each table is given a complimentary bowl of popcorn along with the ordered drinks. The large, one page menu is pleasing to the eye and very easy to follow. There are many cocktail, wine, and beer (tap and bottle) options. There are also some incredible deals. For instance, kids meals come with fries or fruit, a cookie, and a drink, and they are all adult sized portions at a kids meal price. I chose to order the jumbo boneless buffalo wings with ranch sauce and a side of sweet potato fries. Although it took a little while for my food to be ready for me, it was well worth the wait. While the wings were fairly spicy, it wasn’t over the top, and with a decent mix of ranch the flavor was excellent. My wings also came with lettuce and celery to dull the burn on the tongue a bit. The sweet potato fries were amazing; the flavor was the perfect mix of sweet and salty. All in all, the Firehouse Grille is a great dining option in the south metro area. Many Elko residents feel thankful to have a nice bar and grille so close to home. While Elko is a small town, Firehouse Grille attracts a lot of people from the surrounding areas like Lakeville and New Prague. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out Firehouse Grille. For more information and coupon options, visit http://www.firehousegrille.net/. Photos via: The Firehouse Grille Facebook Page

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