First Avenue to Host Beer Rally on St. Patrick’s Day

Minnesota Liquor -Sunday-sales-first avenue event

First Avenue brandishes the most eclectic mixture of content for any venue in the Twin Cities. Concerts, dance parties, “professional wrestling” and (under the right circumstances) rallies for a cause. What cause is worth your St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Why Minnesota liquor sales on Sunday of course! Many have their reasons for opposing the sale of liquor on Sunday; but if you are opposed to it, this is great opportunity to party and let your voice be heard. The main room at First Ave will host Romantica, White Iron Band, Silverback Colony and former The Voice contestant Mark Andrew. Minnesota Beer Activists is the group behind this event; their director Andrew Schmitt didn’t mince words when he said:
“The mission of the MN Beer Activists is to raise awareness of alcohol-related issues that are outdated or harmful to consumers. The biggest of these is the prohibition on Sunday sales, which literally sends money over our borders every single week. This concert is the highest-profile event we’ve ever done, and it should also be the most fun!”
First Avenue to Host Beer Rally on St. Patrick’s Day With no prohibition on Monday sales you can certainly purchase some pre-game concoctions (don’t forget the green dye) before you go and remember that bussing is free after 6 pm with Metro Transit. The event is scheduled to begin at 7 pm on March 17th and last until 11:30 pm (though you really never know when these things will end). Pre order tickets here for $10 otherwise they are $15 at the door. ) Photos via: Minnesota Beer Activists  

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