Five Benefits From Better Nutrition

11712-close-up-of-a-woman-holding-a-red-apple-in-her-hand-pv I have found five (although there are many more) main reasons eating the right ratios and portions of food nutrients benefit you. Let's get started.
1. Overall Nutrition
Your body is like a car. It needs to be fueled in order to drive the distance you are expecting to travel. It is easy to understand that if you run out of gas, you will be walking rather than driving to your destination. By eating appropriate portions, along with implementing a balanced ratio of nutrients from each category of foods (protein, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and starches, healthy fats, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils), you fuel your body to go the distance you are requiring not only in your workouts, but in your daily activity. Your body begins to trust that you will feed/fuel it for its projected energy use. This trust is built right into your metabolism and it allows you to not only achieve weight loss results, but also nutrient stability.  
2. Knowledge of your food and body
When you are actively aware of your food choices and consumption, you also become aware of how each food affects your body either positively or negatively. Keeping detailed food logs, or even basic food tallies reminds you of what foods gave you energy and the fuel to go the distance vs. the foods that were unable to fulfill your nutritional needs throughout the day.  
3. Save $$
Just as you become more aware of how each food affects and fuels you, you also become more conscious of your overall individual and household consumption. You begin to only serve the amount that is needed for you and your family to fuel your body, thus creating less waste and more dough in your pocket. You also begin to make food choices that are more focused toward fresh food items, such as proteins, vegetables, and fruits. These items build multiple meals and go the distance in your budget compared to their processed meal and snack counterparts.

fresh food - healthy lifestyle

4. Discipline
As you begin to feel more and more energized in your workouts and day-to-day activity, you begin to understand and attribute your improved health to your nutritional choices. Because you are able to account for the food you are consuming, your nutritional knowledge begins to reinforce these daily food choices and you become more and more disciplined in your regimen. This positive cycle will transfer into your workout as well.  
5. Mental clarity and focus
As you become nutritionally and physically fit, you will begin to feel clarity and focus. Because you are able to see physical results from your improved nutrition combined with your fitness commitment, your mind becomes more and more focused on positive goals and aspirations. This is the most significant benefit of improved nutrition because when your mind is clear and focused, you are unstoppable!   If you are on the edge of implementing a healthier lifestyle through better nutrition and even added physical activity, this should give you more than enough reason to forge ahead and begin to feel these benefits in your life!   Photos courtesy of: Natalie Maynor -- FreeStockPhotosBiz      

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