Five Tips to Beat the Snooze


We have all been there one time or another. The incessant beeping is sounding from your alarm clock as you hit the snooze button one more time. Before you know it, your early-morning workout session passed you by as you snoozed your way through your good intentions of setting an alarm! You kick yourself every time you find yourself in this morning battle, yet the next day yields the same alarm clock fight! What are some effective ways you can battle your morning alarm clock match and win? Try these five simple, yet effective actions to avoid the snooze! 1. Lay out the clothes you plan to exercise in the night before and set your socks and shoes in front of your bed. If it’s comfortable, go to sleep in your workout clothes. Now half the work is already done when your alarm goes off. 2. Whether you are using a phone or alarm clock, put it far enough away so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. I know. No one wants to do this, but it is the most effective way to get your feet on the ground (literally). 3. Set a bottle of water close to your alarm clock, preferably with some lemon juice in it. Also, keep some no-bake energy bites nearby (you will need these first thing). 4. When your alarm goes off, DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON! You know once you hit that button, you are only going to go back to sleep. I really can’t stress this one enough. Just do not do it. Set the alarm for the latest time possible, so you trick your brain into thinking you are in a hurry, rather than thinking, “I can sleep for 10 more minutes.” The 10 minutes will not make you less tired. It will, however, turn into 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, and finally into no workout! 5. While you are up, grab the bottle of water you set aside the night before and drink a good amount. The lemon juice will kick start your metabolism and help your body wake up faster. Then eat an energy ball or two. Chewing will let your digestive system know it is time to start working, and the protein-packed bites will fuel your workout. Before you even think about heading back to sleep, put on your sneakers and the rest of your workout gear. Put in your headphones and start listening to some music. Now you are ready to go before your brain has figured out what just happened. This seems simple enough, yet many of us find ourselves (more often than not) snoozing through our well-intentioned morning workout date we made the night before.   Photos courtesy of: faungg's photos  

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