Girl Scout Cookie Sales Booths Now Open

Girl Scout Cookie Sales Booths Now Open 2014

When I was young, my friends were in “Brownies.” They had official-looking brown vests and went to secret meetings, led by their moms. They did stuff and got patches for their vests. Meanwhile, all I wanted to do was eat brownies. As my friends got older, their vests changed to green, and they became “Girl Scouts” instead of “Brownies.” For me, the excitement around this didn’t really rev up until around this time of year – the best time to support my friends in their endeavors. Selling (and buying!) Girl Scout cookies! The door-to-door Girl Scout asking for cookie sales has become a dated practice now with troops setting up shop outside grocery stores and selling boxes on the spot, rather than making you wait until your order was processed and your long-awaited Thin Mints were hand-delivered to your door.

Girl Scout Cookie Sales Booths Now Open - thin mints

Starting today, the process is easier than ever, with a “Find Cookies” feature on theGirl Scouts website. By simply entering your zip code, you can find the dates, locations, and times of booth sales being held in your neighborhood, running today through March 23. So, check the sales in your neighborhood. With your support, you can help send a kid to camp to develop a new skill. Just by eating a box (or two or three) of cookies.   Photos via: Google

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