'Gravity' Will Keep You in Orbit For Days

Gravity - Movie - 2013

If you have spent any amount of time watching television in the past month, chances are you have seen a commercial or two for Gravity. The movie's promotional campaign has been second to none in the last couple of months, and with good reason -- everyone should get out and give this movie a shot. Even if you aren't a movie fanatic, if you've ever had any fascination with space, this is an unbelievable film that deposits the viewer right into the vastness and complexities of space. First, I have to start by saying that Gravity should be seen on the absolute biggest screen possible. This is one of those movies that needs be viewed on a massive screen, one so big it makes the viewer feel insignificant, kind of like the never-ending reaches of space. This movie was made for a big screen, made on the large scale so space can be "adequately" represented. I say "adequately" because of course the infiniteness of space cannot really be represented by any sized theater screen. But Gravity is the feature you want to check out on the IMAX or Ultra Screens of the world. Again, this is the type of blockbuster movie (and it's so much more than just a mindless summer blockbuster-type) that needs to be fully appreciated at a theater -- watching Gravity at home on your TV will not project the full effect or appeal of a movie of this scale. The 3D version of Gravity is a must too -- the 3D is not the type of gimmick that is usually used to sell movies -- this 3D presentation is amongst the best I've ever seen, and I've seen a ton of 3D movies.

Gravity - Movie - Screenshot - 2013

As far as the movie itself, Director/Writer Alfonso Cuarón has crafted a beautiful film filled with so much suspense and drama you may find yourself clenching the arm rests of your theater seat. The way Cuarón employs the camera to capture this story is truly breathtaking, both for the novice viewer and that of a seasoned critical cinematic eye. Cuarón is a fantastic filmmaker, and I'd argue this is his crowning achievement. He uses every inch of the frame to tell his story, and constantly keeps challenging the viewer. Cuarón's visuals shimmer with beauty and radiate metaphorical themes that present below the surface. The glowing orb of activity below the astronauts and the beauty of space are showcased in a way that make the viewer appreciate life. Seeing the Earth's orbit, the wonders of gravity, the coldness and darkness of space, and the complexities of interacting in that environment help keep in perspective just how perfect the conditions for life are here on the surface of the planet. Gravity is a movie that you should definitely look into if you have not already. I rarely recommend 3D, but this is a must see 3D flick. Make sure to get out and see it in theaters, your best possible chance to get the full effect of the film. Gravity is without a doubt one of the best movies I've seen in 2013 -- it has already cemented a spot on my top ten. I cannot stop thinking about the film and eagerly anticipate my second helping. Images via: Google FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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