Green Bay's Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge Shut Down Due to Structural Fail

Green Bay Bridge Sagging

Failing bridges is something that is close to many Minnesotan's hearts. Though the I-35W bridge collapse was six years ago, the memory is still fresh for many of us. Hearing about Green Bay shutting down the Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge due to the structure "sagging," I immediately thought of our bridge disaster. Thankfully the Leo Frigo bridge was put out of service before disaster was able to strike. Some Minnesotans despise Green Bay because their home team is the Packers, but even the most avid Vikings fans will admit they wouldn't wish a travesty like a bridge collapse on their worst enemy. The bridge clearly has seen better days. Green Bay Bridge - Fails Despite passing a state inspection just months ago, the bridge reportedly has a 400 foot-long-dip in one of the sections that helps transport some 40,000 vehicles daily. Many concerned citizens traveling the bridge yesterday called law enforcement to prevent a possible bridge collapse. In terms of how long it will take to fix, that is still up in the air. But one thing is for sure, Wisconsin will make sure to fix this problem before allowing transit to return to the bridge. "It could be months. It could be a year," Kim Rudat, the spokesman for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said. It's great to hear the state wants to make sure they correct this serious issue immediately, whether it be to repair the section or replace it. Bridge disasters are something Minnesotans are all to familiar with -- no need for Wisconsinites to feel the same pain. Images via: Green Bay Press Gazette FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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