Happy 15th Birthday Google

Google Celebrates 15 Years It's hard to believe that Google has only been around for 15 years, the world's number one search engine, a tool so many of us now could not live without. Google is even an adjective, a term used all the time to settle heated debates. "He did not win the Academy Award for Best Director in 1997, it was 1998, I'm telling you... I'll Goggle it to prove you wrong. See! Steven Spielberg won Best Director for Saving Private Ryan in 1998. Boo-ya!" Conversations just like this happen all around the world everyday, yes, even with the Boo-ya to rub it in. The search engine is still a teenager and it's hard to imagine what Google could be like 15 years from now. Check out Google when it first got started, it's quite funny to look at a time capsule like that. Even more fun, Google is celebrating its birthday with a fun little piñata game on their homepage. The search engine juggernaut is well known for playing with the six famous letters on their homepage, but the ante is upped even more when they add games. Check it out. It's a great way to waste five minutes. Image via: WebArchive.Org FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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