'Heyday -- 35 Years of Music in Minneapolis'

With the anniversary of the passing of Minnesota music legend Prince, it's no surprise that a lot of tributes and dedications make their way to the local scene. Many radio stations played non-stop Prince, dance clubs had all night parties and First Avenue played host to many mourners from across the globe who came to pay their respects to the exterior famed golden star of Prince. Prince showed that music is not only alive in Minnesota, but thriving. First Avenue is one of the nation's most famous venues -- and with that, there have been a multitude of legendary performers and performances over the years. To celebrate that, the Mill City Museum has been showcasing an exhibit (running from November to the end of April), Heyday -- 35 Years of Music in Minneapolis. The exhibit features the photos of Daniel Corrigan, a local photographer who has been photographing the music scene in Minneapolis since 1981. This exhibit is a companion to the same-titled book of photos from Corrigan's best experiences. He was the house photographer for First Avenue for years, so of course he's got great photos of many of the state's legendary performances, including the purple rock god, Prince himself. The best part about this? It's free. But the exhibit only lasts until the end of April. So music lovers, this is your last chance to see this historical exhibit. Visit the Mill City Museum website for more information.   Photo courtesy of: Daniel Corrigan

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