'Homer Price' -- Lakeville’s Big Hit

Homer_Price_Lakeville The Children’s Castle Theater production Homer Price and the Extraordinary, Unordinary, Unstoppable Doughnut Machine hit Lakeville this past weekend only and was a fantastic experience for those in attendance. The setting for the play takes place in Centerburg, Ohio and follows the character of Homer, who, after a theft at his aunt’s diner, is trying to solve the crime and clear his aunt’s name. Helping him are many friends, including the super heroes Super Duper and Sort Of Okay. After many misfortunes, such as the doughnut machine breaking and discovering Super Duper doesn’t really have the powers he claims to, Homer uses his wits to replay time to discover who the real thief could have been. The clever boy discovers that the crooks are three visiting advertising women and comes up with a scheme to bring them to justice. The whole town of Centerburg joins forces to trick the advertising women into admitting their crime and getting arrested. Homer Price offered quality entertainment for all ages. Adults as well as children could keep up with the narrative and enjoy the show. The actors did a fantastic job engaging the audience and earned big laughs from the crowd. The Children’s Castle Theater did a phenomenal job transferring Robert McCloskey’s book into a production. While Homer Price is over with, I will be sure to return to see future productions from this theater. Make sure you put this theater on your radar and look out for their next project. Photo By: Leah Putz    

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