'James Murphy' DJ set @ First Avenue

2013-05-31 01.17.00 LCD Soundsystem are no more, but that doesn't mean their front man James Murphy, has retired.  The DFA record label co-founder is still performing, as a DJ. He stopped by First Ave to spin a 3 hour set, which by most measures, is pretty lengthy.  Truth be told, I only made it an hour.  Having just come from another concert and needing to get up to go to work the next day, I was intent on seeing 2 AM from my bed.  Sadly, I wish I could have stayed the entire time, because I'm not sure when I'll get that atmosphere again. The setting was very minimal.  Murphy was onstage with just his record crates and his turntables.  The lights stayed low, aside from the disco lights that were again, minimal; all of which was embraced in fog.  Now, you may have missed that, but I did say record crates, the guy used actual records for Pete's sake.  There was no laptop, no CDJs, no flash drives, just a guy seamlessly melting one disco-esque record into another.  There were no drops, no demands to get your hands up, just smooth, dance-able music.  The only similarity to other big name DJs that have recently passed through Minneapolis, was a dancing crowd of people. This night was certainly all about dancing and having a good time, and nothing else.  It took you back to a time when it wasn't all about standing and staring at some guy with an impressive light rig playing the top Beatport hits.  It was simply, fun.

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