Jesse Ventura Preps for Potential 2016 Presidential Run

[caption id="attachment_187" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Jesse Ventura Presidential Run Joseph Friedrichs prepares to chat with Jesse Ventura at the 617 Lounge in White Bear Lake in this 2009 photo. Photo credit: Paul Dois[/caption] Get ready Minnesotans, in just three years former Governor Jesse Ventura will likely be running for President, of the United States, of America. During a recent interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Ventura explained the timing would be right in 2016 for a run at the nation’s top political office. “As an independent, you don’t want an incumbent,” Ventura said. “So the office will be wide open. That’s what I looked at in Minnesota.” Ventura said if he chooses to run, which seems very likely to happen, he will give the people of the Unites States an “opportunity” to elect the first president who doesn't belong to a political party since George Washington. According to Ventura, the majority of people are “disgusted” with both major political parties in this country. Among the platforms on his political agenda, Ventura said he would like to see the role of the Internal Revenue Service transformed into a political watchdog that monitors the actions of the government. If elected president, Ventura would also push to replace the income tax with a national-sales tax. The former Navy SEAL, actor, and professional wrestler has never been one who lacks ideas, as I discovered first hand in 2009 during a chance encounter at 617 Lounge in White Bear Lake. During our hour-long discussion, Ventura attempted to persuade me into believing the United States government was possibly involved with attacks of 9/11, among other conspiracy theories. I found Ventura to be open to ideas and genuinely concerned about his country, though he seems locked in when it comes to his beliefs. If Ventura does run for president and somehow manages to win, one word might best describe the outcome: amusing. Although many questions remain about the possibility of Ventura actually making a White House Bid, one that sticks out would be who would run as his Vice President. Early signs, and Ventura’s own comments, indicate radio and television personality Howard Stern would be a strong possibility. A web site has been set up to gather support for Ventura’s presidential bid. The movement is underway, leaving one to wonder: if he were alive today, what would George Washington think of Jesse Ventura and Howard Stern taking control of the White House?

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