Jimmy Fallon Parodies 'Breaking Bad' With 'Joking Bad'

Joking Bad - Jimmy Fallon

While this Jimmy Fallon video hit circulation quite a bit ago, I just stumbled across it the other day. I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and I am so sad it's all over (but more than satisfied with how it all ended) -- considering my fandom, I was more than floored when checking out Jimmy Fallon's parody of the show called 'Joking Bad.' This short video spins the extremely popular show and changes Walt from a chemist making meth to a comedian selling off his best jokes. The amount of detail given to this skit will make Breaking Bad fans giddy -- there are so many hidden Easter eggs in this parody that reference the show about a meth kingpin. Check it out. Make sure you have seen all of Breaking Bad, as this parody contains obvious spoilers. It sure is fun to see Bryan Cranston (Walt), Bob Odenkirk (Saul), and Aaron Paul (Jesse) playing along. If you enjoyed that, check Fallon's other online material. He really is ahead of the curve of late night talk show hosts, utilizing his comedic genius not only for his television audience, but also for his online audience. The Late Night YouTube page has a lot of great content to check out, don't be surprised when an hour goes by browsing through all the short and hilarious videos. Image via: Late Night FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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