John Oliver Perfectly Sums Up the Truth About FIFA and World Cup

John Oliver - Explains FIFA

The World Cup is one of my favorite sporting events -- it only comes every four years and the stage for soccer could not be any bigger or brighter. The tension of all that is riding on the players to perform is palpable even through a television screen. I simply cannot get enough of this elite level competition. (I was going a little crazy when the United States scored the game-winning goal against Ghana yesterday.) But for how much I love this sporting event, I cannot get over my hatred for FIFA, the organizer of this event. In case you aren't in the know about this corrupt "non-profit," let the hilarious John Oliver tell you all about FIFA. He shares a similar sentiment, he loves the World Cup but hates FIFA, but he delivers the information with plenty humor and well-researched information. Check out the video.   Image via: Last Week Tonight FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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