Jon Stewart Makes a Request for Food Transparency

jon stewart_a request for food transparency

Jon Stewart’s late night snack conundrum could not be funnier or more true! Laughably, Mr. Stewart points out to us how questionable our food supply options are on the commercial shelves. Thankfully, he was able to provide us with a highly comical segment filled enlightenment on our food system. Unfortunately, this still leaves us wondering, what are we eating? What is a “natural mold inhibitor?” Although it seems as though we are being provided with a full disclosure, this description has left us in the dark wondering what ingredients make up this mysterious component. How “natural” are these ingredients? Of course it will vary from food to food. We know the FDA does not have an official regulation regarding the term “natural.” Therefore, utilizing the term is only a concept of perception versus actual achievement. From plastic fillers in sandwich bread to infected unsound beef, this seems to, as Jon Stewart artfully illustrates, leave us questioning our next bite.   Photo via: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  

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