'Jungle' @ Fine Line Music Cafe


Given the limited or non existent appearances of the band Jungle up to this point, it came as no surprise the confusion the audience had when first seeing the band. The group from Britain has only released a handful of songs, along with a few videos. Those videos and promo pictures definitely insinuate who the band is, but that might not lead to the fact they are four white guys and a girl (at least that's who showed up in Minneapolis last week). I over heard a couple different, "that's not who I expected to see at all" and a "is that them?" from people around me. However, after the initial unexpectedness wore off, the audience fell right into the groove of the music.

Their brief 50 minute, ten song set, featured all of their currently released songs, along with some new ones.


J and T were the primary vocalists, along with help from a young woman -- they were also joined by a guitarist and drummer. The stage itself was very minimal, with very little lighting. One has to assume it was to continue their mysterious nature and let the music do the talking. With a dark banner behind them with the band's name on it, it was just five people performing in near darkness. The united voices of J and T were a pleasure to hear live, and the funk and grooves went over well that late Friday night.


"Fucking Friday the 13th! Yeah whatever, bitches!" was one of the the only things said by the band throughout the entire night. They briefly left the stage, as in, walked off the stage, and almost walked right back on, for the final song of the night. They did a jammy extended version of "Busy Earnin'' that brought the energy to a crescendo.


I'm looking forward to hearing their debut album in July, and hope to see them emerge from the darkness to learn more about who and what, is Jungle.   Photos by: PJ Mudd FOLLOW-PJ-MUDD

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