Legally Blonde -- The Musical?


Remember that movie that came out however long ago about the ditzy blonde (and her Chihuahua) who went to law school? (It is just a movie however.) Well, the students of Bloomington Jefferson are set to start performing a stage musical version of that in their high school auditorium. That's right, Legally Blonde: The Musical, coming soon to a theatre near you. Performances start today, May 7th, and will run until Sunday, the 11th. Tickets for the show can be purchased at the door, or found online at One of the weekend matinees will also be free for breast cancer patients and survivors. All in all it would be a shame to miss a perky... and interesting... stage adaptation. The movie was not short of its memorable moments, it sure would be fun to see how well Bloomington Jefferson translates the story into song -- only way to find out is to make a date, buy some tickets, and check it out!   Photo via: Bloomington Jefferson High School  

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