Leslie Bock, Psycho Suzi’s Creator, Prepares to Open New Restaurant

betty dangers country club If you’ve been hanging around Northeast Minneapolis in the last week or so, you may have had the following conversation: “Wait a minute, is that a giant, pink and green Ferris wheel?!  When did they build that, AND HOW SOON CAN I RIDE IT?” After being overcome by a fit of childlike glee, you probably pulled out your smartphone to Google the latest developments in the construction of the soon-to-be restaurant extravaganza, Betty Danger’s Country Club. Leslie Bock, the owner of Minnesota’s favorite tiki bar, is at it again; she has re-purchased the former Psycho Suzi’s building and is planning another themed restaurant. Even in the intermediate stages of its construction, Betty Danger’s Country Club is a sight to see. The Ferris wheel’s neon green gondolas rise above the rooftop of nearby Tony Jarro’s, and the restaurant is painted a green and pink diamond pattern. There is no missing the modern, edgy, and creative design; you can literally see it a mile away. betty danger-minneapolis Despite the Ferris wheel’s wild color scheme, Bock claims the new restaurant will be a good neighbor. She writes:
“It [the Ferris wheel] will not be a ride, nor flash, nor play music like an amusement park Ferris wheel. It will feature softly lit moving gondolas, muted colors and quiet operation.” 
What the Ferris wheel will do is provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience; it will slowly rotate to allow diners to have dinner and drinks while getting up-close and personal with a view of the Minneapolis skyline, the Lowry Bridge, and the Mississippi River. betty danger - minneapolis restaurant So, who is Betty Danger? On the restaurant’s Facebook page, Betty Danger is a 1950s-style illustration of a woman in a pink and yellow argyle sweater with a single black tear in the corner of her eye. Behind her, the Minneapolis skyline is up in magenta flames.  Frightened golfers flee the fire — and yes, the restaurant will also have mini golf! Here’s what Bock has to say about the character, via The Twin Cities Daily Planet:
“When you meet her, you will love her,” states a letter Bock circulated to neighbors. “Betty is apple pie and sunshine, but sadly lives in a time warp with no sense of reality or logic. Poor Betty.”
The restaurant’s cuisine will be as eclectic as its character;  Betty Danger will serve up a fusion of Tex-Mex and Minnesotan. There’s no sign of what exactly Betty Danger will be cooking up; Jalapeño Hot Dish? Lutefisk Enchiladas? So far, there are not many details about what will be on the menu, and no opening date is posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. We will have to wait and see what Leslie Bock is planning for us this time, but if the Ferris wheel is an indication, we should all be excited.  Very excited.   Images via: Tristan Waters -- Betty Danger Facebook Page  

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