Local Woman Works to Help Cameroon With Her Nonprofit 'Angel of Mercy'

Relindis Moffor - Oakdale - Cameroon With the state of the economy and fears of the future, many Minnesotans are holding tightly to what they have with the hope things will get better in the weeks and months to come. But, for one local single mother, nothing will hold her back from giving back. For Relindis Moffor of Oakdale, Minnesota, the focus goes far beyond herself and her two sons, to her native Cameroon, Africa. Having started a nonprofit organization to benefit the residents of her homeland in 2005, Moffor donates half of her annual Registered Nurse salary to the medical clinic she began -- she also donates the proceeds she earns through garage sales which helps fund half of the foundation’s annual budget. The other half comes through donations. Angel-of-Mercy-Relindis Moffor People often criticize these efforts to save this African nation, wondering if it isn’t all a waste. For Moffor, who believes she was blessed there during her childhood, her efforts are not in vain. As for the 1,300 people who are served by her clinic each year, her work is not taken for granted. With a collection of medical equipment and supplies ready to ship back to the clinic in Cameroon, Moffor knows she can’t stop there -- now she’s helping to build a 50-child orphanage. Visit the Angel of Mercy website to find out more about the organization, and how you can become involved.   Photos via: Google    

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