Maya Moore's Acting Debut in New Pepsi MAX Commercial With NBA Stars

Maya Moore - WNBA - Old Lady

Maya Moore is one of the best players in the WNBA. Fresh off her second title in three years, the star decided to challenge herself to be an actor. She made her acting debut starring alongside NBA stars Kyrie Irving and Nate Robinson. Irving starred in a commercial last year as Uncle Drew, an old man who showed up to a local pick-up basketball game and dominated all the younger opponents. Of course, since Irving is not an old man, a lot of makeup was involved. Just after the first video went viral, Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love joined, donning an old man costume in the second video -- for this third video, Moore has been added into the mix, making her arrival as an old woman gifted on the court. Even though these videos are obviously staged, I'd guess most are in on the gimmick, it's still funny to watch seemingly frail old people dominate the "young mans" game of basketball. And in case you missed the message, drink Pepsi MAX. Photo via: YouTube FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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