Michael Jordan "Flu Game" Sneakers Sell For Record Price

Michael Jordan - Flu - Shoes Sell For Record Price

One of Michael Jordan's most iconic games in his historic career was Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals -- the greatest to ever play dropped 38 points on the Utah Jazz despite having the flu and being hobbled on the court all night (though now it is said he had food poisoning, not the flu). Jordan carried his team to victory that night which led to the Bulls claiming their sixth NBA Championship under Jordan and Co. The shoes Jordan wore the night of the legendary performance went up for auction and sold for a record amount of money. For a pair of basketball shoes, the previous high was also a pair a Jordan's patented Nike sneakers, a pair the legend wore his rookie season that snatched $31,070. But these "flu game" sneakers were a whole different ball game, worn during arguably the greatest NBA performance ever. The shoes brought to market by Grey Flannel Auctions reeled in an astounding $104,765 -- a pair of shoes, no matter how iconic, worth more than $100k, who would have thought? A lucky Utah Jazz ball boy was the recipient of the shoes back in 1997, a gem he safely stored until now.

Jordan's Flu Shoes - Sell - Auction - $104k

The winning bidder's identity has not been revealed, but clearly he is a huge fan of Jordan and the NBA. But paying over one hundred thousand dollars for a pair of shoes? I love sports memorabilia, but even if I was extremely wealthy I would struggle to spend that much on one item. But with Jordan being the greatest basketball player ever, it's only fitting he holds yet another record, most ever fetched at auction for a pair of NBA worn sneakers. Photos via: Google FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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