Minnesota Gophers Profile Football Players with 'Brick by Brick'

Brick by Brick - Gophers Football - 2013

The Minnesota Gophers have not been a very good football team for some time. It's hard enough to compete for audience attention with all that is going on in the world today, it's even harder when the team is just not very good. While the Gophers have made a bit of an upswing under Jerry Kill's tenure, they still are not relevant in the college football landscape. They still aren't even considered one of the better teams in the Big 10. But the Gophers media are trying to create some personality for this team by making the players under the helmets, and their stories, known to fans. A new Brick by Brick video debuts each week, profiling certain members of the Gophers football team. In the past, they had a video titled 'The Return' profiling Marcus Jones, a special teams specialist who has had his share of hurdles in his football career. He has recovered from two ACL injuries in order to return to the playing field. There are already nine other episodes on the Gophers website for your viewing pleasure, with three more on the way as the season progresses. Check out the videos to get to know your Gopher football team, and hopefully we can all cheer them back to relevancy in college football -- it's been way too long since the Gophers have had anything to cheer about in the football area of athletics. Images via: Gophers Sports FOLLOW MATTHEW DEERY

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