Minnesota Mom Sinks $4,000 Half Court Shot

mom makes miracle shot Not to be outdone by Oman Oman, a Minnesota mom made a miracle shot this week, earning $4,000 off her daughter's tuition. Angela Ramey and her daughter Grace were the top performers in a recent fundraiser at Bethany Academy in Bloomington. As a reward, the school gave Angela three tries at a half-court basketball shot to provide her daughter a 50% discount off next year's $8,000 tuition charge. Angela missed the first shot. And the second. Down to her final attempt, Ramey chose to shoot granny-style, heaving the ball underhand and leaving the shot several feet short of the hoop. And then it bounced. Nice shot, mom. Volunteers from Bethany helped to pack over 40,000 meals during the fundraiser, which culminated in the December 4th "Bethany Loves Bloomington" event shown in the video.   Photo courtesy of: Wikipedia Commons    

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